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Port Macquarie Performing Arts would like to celebrate a wonderful year and show how hard our students have worked in class with a Mid  Year Concert on Saturday the 24th June at St Joseph’s Regional High School PAC. All dancers have worked incredibly hard over the past 2 terms in classes, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to perform and enjoy the process of working as a team.

Tickets sales date will be confirmed closer to the event.

A big part of dance training is learning through performance. Although performance opportunities can help prepare some students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to children’s success in non-dance activities. The performing experience helps build self-esteem and self-confidence and can result in better in-school presentations and improved social skills. We have chosen to give our Twinkle Toes and Mini Men an informal performance venue, where they can sit with their carers and enjoy the other performances, before taking the stage themselves. I will be on stage announcing each group, carers will bring their dancer onto the stage for their performance, eliminating the need to be signed in backstage and separated from you during the show.

Some of our dancers may have already had the privilege of performing on a stage at eisteddfods etc, but for some, this will be their first time. It is an exciting time and it is important that parents support their dancers by making the process as calm and stress-free as possible.

Please read the handbook well in advance to ensure you have all of the requirements ready for the performance.

Unlike our Glasshouse shows, we will not be hiring professional filmmakers to capture the moment, but encourage you to film your child’s dance routine for your records. We also encourage you to take photos of your dancer.

Dedication to the End of Year Concert commitments is the responsibility of both dancers and their parents. We’ve created the handbook in an effort to clarify what we expect from you in terms of commitments and responsibility to the annual concert, the school, and other students and parents.

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If you have any questions regarding the information distributed, we encourage you to contact the office at 65833753 Monday to Thursday between the hours of 4.00-6.00pm. We try to answer email on a daily basis, except on weekends. Feel free to email questions to the office at

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