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tap Dance classes in Port Macquarie for ages 7 and above


Students who do not participate in two ballet syllabus classes per week are not eligible for examinations and appraisals, as outlined in your Prospectus and Student and Parent Handbook, however they are definitely encouraged to participate in Scholarships. All students who participate in combo, ballet and tap classes are encouraged to join in our Scholarship day which takes place before exams, this year on Sunday 22nd October.

It is a compulsory event for examination and appraisal students.

Failure to turn up for your scholarship means you will not be permitted to participate in examinations and appraisals and any fees paid will be forfeited. Scholarship Day is a great ‘trial run’ not only for the students but parents too. All students in each grade perform together. A guest adjudicator comes to watch the students work in an examination setting and judges our annual scholarships from these classes. Trophies and prizes are awarded at the end of the year Presentation Day.

Entry for the scholarship is included in your exam or appraisal fee, or can be purchased on the website in the shop for $20 (For dancers not participating in Exams or Appraisals and Combo Students)

Timetable for PMPA Scholarship Day – Sunday 22nd October


Event Details

Event Times: Sunday 22nd October 2023

Registration: $20 for Students who wish to attend our Scholarship Day. If your child is doing an Exam or Appraisal, their registration has been included in the Exam Fee.

Event Location: PMPA Studio

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