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Below are the costs involved as set by the organisations. Please remember that exams are OPTIONAL. Students who have been offered Examinations and Appraisals have until 6pm Monday 13th September to confirm by return email if they will be participating and beginning of term 4 to have final payment made.

Please note that the below amount includes Ballet Bootcamp, Scholarship Day and Examination Fee. There is no need to pay cash on these days. Payments must be received by the due date to allocate your spot.

Test 1 – $128

Test 2 – $131

Test 3 – $136

Bronze Medal – $142

Bronze Star – $145

Silver Medal – $152

Silver Star – $155

Gold Medal – $165

Gold Star – $172

Elementary – $195

Intermediate – $220

Advanced – $225

Uniform requirements

  • PMPA Uniform Leotard
  • PMPA Uniform skirt for Test 1, Test 2 and Test 3 Ballet 
  • Clean Ballet stockings (and a backup pair) 
  • Clean Leather Ballet shoes with ballet ribbons

Major ballet students must have ribbons on flat shoes as well as pointe shoes.

All hair will be in a classical bun on the crown of the head, no whispys bits, lots of gel and hairspray please. No jewellery, no earrings, no bracelets. 

Theory Books 

All Ballet Examination students from Bronze Medal to Gold Star will require their own Ballet theory book. This book is an important part of their examination each year. Students will have the one book that lasts them for the duration of their studies. They will need to take this book into each of their exams, year after year. If your dancer does not have a book yet, they are available from the office. Books are not needed for Appraisal dancers.

Covid Policy

  • All covid procedures will be strictly followed during the exam times.
  • In the event that Sydney is still in lockdown during exams, our examiner will conduct the exams via zoom.
  • In the event Regional NSW is still in lockdown, we would look at postponing the exams until we were able to be back in the PMPA studios.
Event Details

Event Times: Tentative Dates – 11th – 13th November 2022

Registration: Head to shop to see each individual price.

Events Location: PMPA Studio

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