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Dance As Therapy

Dance As Therapy

Port Macquarie Performing Arts invite local kids to participate in a fun creative movement dance program specifically developed for children with sensory processing issues. Our eight week program brings experienced dance educators together with qualified Occupational Therapists, Neuro-Chiropractors and Behavioural Optometrists to deliver a therapeutic dance program aimed at developing neural pathways to improve your child’s sensory integration.

Our Dance As Therapy Program consists of two seperate, eighteen week programs at our dance studios in Port Macquarie. The first program is for children aged 3-5years and the second for students aged 5-7years.

Designed to support children through all stages of learning, our Dance as Therapy program is a non-competitive, OT guided dance program, aimed at improving your child’s gross motor skills, balance, coordination and body confidence in a therapeutic, sensitive environment.

We want to help your child reach their potential in class and life. After an initial screening for each of the students during week one, children will be allocated a class and curriculum tailored to their individual needs. They will then embark on an seven week dance program, culminating in an outcomes assessment for each student. The final class in Week eight of the program features an in-house performance for family and friends.

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