2022 Acro Grading & Appraisal Day

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jazz Dance classes in Port Macquarie for ages 7 and above

Our Grading Day is a great opportunity for students to showcase their strengths, knowledge and technique, build their confidence and instil pride within their learning to help them progress through our levels 1 to 12.

On this day, our teachers will take students in their assigned acro dance levels into the examination room.

Grading is an important part of your child’s training as it helps promote correct technique, acro safety, consolidates their learning, gives them goals to work towards and helps them progress to their next acro dance level.

Kindy Combo and Junior Combo Appraisals are included in this running order.

Due to COVID Restrictions, students will not be allowed to enter the building until their correct drop off time which is listed below.

Click here to see the Appraisal and Grading Day Running Order.

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