2021 End of Year Concert Handbook

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Port Macquarie Performing Arts would like to celebrate another fabulous year and show how hard our students are working in class with an End of Year Concert on Sunday 5th December at the Port Macquarie Indoor Stadium. There are many reasons why we do this. All students have worked incredibly hard over the last year in classes, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to perform and enjoy the process of working as a team. We are very lucky to have an accommodating space to be able to make this event possible. This year we will be having 3 shows:

Show 1 at 10:30am (Indoor Stadium)

Show 2 at 11:30am (PMPA Studios, Tap Only)

Show 3 at 12:30pm (Indoor Stadium)

Please refer to the PMPA End of Year Concert Handbook for more details on what show your child is in.


Tickets for Show 1 and Show 3 will be priced in tiers:

Premium Seating, Upstairs (Green) – $35.00

A Reserve Seating, Front Rows (Light Blue) – $28.00 B Reserve Seating, Middle Section (Red) – $22.00

C Reserve Seating, Back Row (Purple) – $17.50

All ticket prices listed excluded GST.
Additional 5% + $0.99 booking fee will be added at checkout

Please purchase tickets from the attached link:


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